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Inshore Fishing Report 2/29/24 - Keaton Beach, Florida

As the outside temperatures have warmed this week, so have the water temperatures on the flats. This means the speckled trout should be moving even more this weekend and the fishing should get even better. They'll still be pretty close to the grass line, but they will start to disperse more as the water warms.

Last week we could see a decent amount of fish moving in the water during the middle of the day. But as the sun sets and the temperatures cool, the fish will congregate back toward the mouths of the creeks. The larger trout will tend to move onto the flats more than the smaller ones this time of year.

The key to catching a limit this time of year is covering a lot of water. Anchoring in one spot can make for a long day on the water, just waiting for the fish to come to you. Keep the anchor in the boat and drift with the wind.

Some days this may mean drifting to the grass line, driving back onto the flats, and drifting back again. Other days the wind may be pushing you along the grass line. Either way, covering a bunch of water will help you find more fish and fill your cooler.

Artificial baits are hot right now. Last week we caught a lot of fish on soft plastics. We were primarily using a red jig head with a Zoom watermelon slice plastic. But they're also biting hard baits well. Don't leave the boat ramp without a few Redfins or suspending baits to throw.

Shrimp are also a great option this time of year as the pinfish haven't made their move to the flats yet. Use a popping cork to give the shrimp some occasional action and draw attention to your bait. Cast with the current so that you're always fishing water that hasn't been covered by the boat.

We might have to dodge a few scattered showers this weekend, but it should be a great time to be on the water!

This fishing report is brought to you by Captain Jason Witherspoon of Spoon Fed Charters in Keaton Beach, Florida.


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