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Boat Consignment

Have a used boat that you need to sell?

We'll sell it for you!

We offer boat consignment services as a part of our pre-owned boat sales.

Just give us a call (229-244-6500) or complete this form to see if your boat would qualify for consignment sales.


Consignment Conditions


1. The boat must be in good to excellent condition. Please call us or send us a message prior to bringing the boat to our store for consignment.

2. We collect a 10% commission on all consigned boat sales. This commission is based on the gross sales of the boat and is independent of taxes and other fees.

3. We will determine the sale price of your boat based on fair market value. While you can suggest a minimum price for the boat, we will ultimately determine the list price based on our knowledge of the market and other factors.

4. If repairs need to be made to get the boat in running condition for sale, those costs will be deducted from the final sale amount. Any additional repairs requested by the seller will be deducted from the final sale amount.

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