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Inshore Fishing Report 8/4/23 - Keaton Beach, Florida

Summer is usually a time for us to take a break from flats fishing, but we've had pretty good luck on the water over the last month. The crowds that come with scallop season can make it tough to scoot around the flats looking for fish, but we've been able to manage. The water has remained darker than normal this summer, making scalloping tough but fishing great!

And surprisingly, we haven't had to get in really deep water to find the fish. Most all of our limits lately have been caught in 4-6' of water. We've been targeting areas where the grass is lush, and have been rewarded with some coolers full of trout and reds.

The lush grass can be found in some of the clearer water south of Keaton. The darker water doesn't allow the grass to grow as much due to limited sunlight penetration, but the clearer water has some nice patches of grass. Look for bait running on top of the water in these grassy patches and you should find fish.

Getting a fish to bite artificial lures can be tough this time of year, so pinfish is still our bait of choice. You might catch some smaller, younger fish on artificial lures. But if you want larger trout and reds, those "seasoned" fish are more likely to bite a pinfish.

The redfish seem to be mixed with the speckled trout pretty well in the grassy areas. Unlike the spring and fall fishing seasons, we don't have to move closer to hill to get our limit of reds. They're not hunkered near the oyster bars right now, and can be found roaming the grassy flats with the trout.

This fishing report is brought to you by Captain Jason Witherspoon of Spoon Fed Charters in Keaton Beach, Florida.


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